Imported Car Insurance

What is Imported Car Insurance?

Imported car insurance is a type of auto insurance specifically designed for vehicles that are brought into a country from abroad. This insurance addresses the unique risks and requirements associated with imported vehicles, which may differ from domestically manufactured cars. Here are some key aspects of imported car insurance:

Is it more expensive?

Insuring an imported car is typically more costly because brokers perceive it as a higher risk. However, consulting with a specialist in import car insurance can help mitigate these costs.

Importing a vehicle into the UK can come with numerous challenges, so having reliable insurance is crucial. It’s essential to work with a trusted broker who can provide all the necessary coverage options for imported vehicles at the most competitive price.

Types of Cars Covered

The type of car you import significantly affects both the cost and the type of insurance coverage available. Insurers often face challenges with imported cars due to the difficulty in sourcing parts for repairs.

For instance, Japanese imports might have components that are hard to find in the UK, complicating coverage options.

Additionally, differing regulations and standards between the UK and the car’s country of origin can increase risks, as these vehicles may not adhere to UK standards. Consequently, premiums for imported cars can be high due to these uncertainties.
Grey Imports

Grey imports are vehicles imported privately rather than through the manufacturer. Many of these cars come from Japan and may not comply with European emissions or safety standards.

To insure such a car, you must bring it in as a personal import and ensure it passes the Basic Individual Vehicle Approval Test.

Insurers often view grey imports as higher risk due to their generally increased power and higher theft risk. You can lower your premium by securing your car in a garage or secure parking facility.

Parallel Imports

Parallel imports are cars imported from EU countries with specifications that are either identical or very similar to UK standards. Insurers regard these imports as less risky since they meet EU regulations. However, the rules regarding parallel imports may change post-Brexit and are still being finalised.

What is a Q plate?

Imported cars are considered non-standard by insurers, necessitating specialized coverage even if they haven’t been modified. If the vehicle has been altered from its original manufacturer specifications, it may receive a Q plate.

This designation is typically used for kit cars and rebuilds, or when the vehicle’s age is uncertain due to the use of non-original parts or gaps in its documented history.