My Insurance

MyLicence will allow insurers to offer you a motor insurance premium using the most up to date and accurate information, removing the likelihood of inaccuracies or fraud during the application process. You’ll have access to the most competitive premiums, and the confidence that your policy is based on the right details.

By allowing the DVLA to provide the data, you’ll be removing the opportunity to make mistakes, and ensuring that the required information is passed on to your insurance provider to give you the best quote possible.

You could be paying the wrong premium without realising it: the ABI has estimated that honest drivers who allow insurance providers to use their licence number through MyLicence could potentially save around £15.

Over time MyLicence will mean customers are asked fewer questions when purchasing insurance – you won’t need to fill out questions about your driving entitlements or convictions or have your motoring history to hand: simply using your driving licence number will be enough.  

Key Benefits

  • Eliminating mistakes and reducing fraud: the data comes from the DVLA database.
  • Avoiding the likelihood of named drivers on your policy providing inaccurate information
  • Giving access to competitive premiums, and the chance to save money with insurers
  • Improving the purchasing process: removes the need to send away the paper copy of your driving licence to your broker or insurer
  • Accurate policy information means fewer declined or adjusted claims.